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  18 July 2003 update!!
Attending the Massive Attack concert in Torino

ok to start with the concert was fab...nothing like i have seen
before. It wasnt big in terms of crowd but very political in its
content... a big electronic screen projected some provocative
graphic work to do with environment/ecology, population, war,
Isreal, India, Terrorism, military etc etc.

We even got to meet the guy who did the visuals- he is from
london(Chris) and he told us about how they went about doing it.
They followed some intensive storyboarding and kept reharsing with
the band through the whole process. That screen you see costs
about 600,000 euros!!! They are a company of two i think...they
wrote their own program/software for it. They have 17 translations
of this whole projection which is updated with latest information
before every show. This software runs on a macG4 which is
connected to a clickmachine that can identify the song they are
going to play by the pitch...the artists hear a indication on
their personal phones to coordinate with the visuals after which
they takeofffffff. They took 6 months to make this thing and are
probably making millions!

We keep talking of social messages and communicating responsbility
in such a boring manner all the time but this stuff was far
effective and full of rush. And the group itself was so
amazing...full of ambient tones and blaring electronica mixed with
heavy guitars and blah blah...and just imagine the overpowering
messages in the background.

They had some live data about current population of every big
city, fuel consumption, forest land being destroyed, USAs military
budget as compared to other countries and their hypocritical
attitude towards the rest of the world, all of this projected
live. They even commented on how the new technology threatens to
infringe on our privacy. I really felt like i knew so much more
after this concert. I took like a zillion pictures and want to put
them up soon. Even got some small videos of the performance. I
should say that these guys were excellent at creating experiences.
People just went crazy with all this information.

seeya takecare

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